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Join the Fun and Make a Difference: Getting Involved is easy!

Getting involved with the Reagan High School Booster Club is both simple and fulfilling. Here are various ways you can contribute and make a positive impact:

  • Become a Reagan High School Booster Club Member: Joining the booster club is the first step to show your support and dedication to our school community. Join Here

  • Volunteer for Events and in Concessions: Participate in organizing and assisting with events and concessions, fostering a sense of camaraderie while raising crucial funds for student athletes.

  • Get Involved with the Reagan High School Booster Board: Play a more significant role by joining the booster board, where you can contribute your ideas and leadership skills to support the club's initiatives. Join Here

  • Head Up Committees: If you're looking for a leadership position, the booster club is always seeking parents to lead committees and take charge of various projects.

  • Help with Current Committees or Needs: Even if you don't want a formal role, your support as a volunteer for ongoing programs or immediate needs is highly valuable and appreciated.

By joining the booster club, you can become an integral part of our efforts to enhance the experience for all our student athletes. Your participation makes a significant difference, so don't hesitate to get involved!

Contact David Bresson for more information or Register to Volunteer.

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