NCHSAA 2020-2021 Calendar
NCHSAA Amends High School Sports Calendar
As the 2020-2021 school year is set to start, I am excited to be a part of the new adventures at Raider Nation. No one loves winning more than I do, but more important than winning is our character. I have always been impressed with how our coaches at Reagan interact with not only their athletes, but also the supporting community. The respect that our athletes show to one another, as well as opposing teams is a reflection of the ethics and values taught by our coaches. That sort of demeanor, coupled with successful teams, has created school pride that reaches beyond the gym and fields at our school and into our beloved community of Pfafftown. This pride is evident as fans pack the stands to cheer on our student athletes.

Our school has been fortunate enough to bring home the Wells Fargo Cup for six of the last eight years. A feat such as this is impossible without the hard work and dedication of our devoted coaches, athletes, and parents. It is important to also recognize the resilient leadership of our athletic directors and the support that they provide to each of our sports programs. Collaboration and a relentless desire for continued improvement are certainly two of the key attributes that allows our school to continue to enjoy incredible achievements.

Our community, and the country, have been reeling since March of 2020 due to the outbreak of Covid-19. We have seen the delays and cancellations of sports seasons and school. As people, we are all longing for, and even adamantly seeking, a return to something that is symbolic of our enjoyable norm. As a community, we have adopted a couple of phrases that mean a lot to us. Those phrases are #wearepfafftown and #NoRaiderRidesAlone. I encourage you to let those phrases become the rallying cry of our great school and community. Don't let the unknowns about the immediate future distract you from the inevitability that we will return to the things we hold so dear; school and extracurriculars.

It is my challenge to each of you that you be a part of the continued success of Reagan High School by joining the Reagan Athletic Booster Club. Our school and our Athletic Boosters have never needed your support more than we do during this challenging time. Even during school closure, there are still expenses and projects that need to be addressed and this outstanding organization supports our school by addressing those very needs every day. One need only look around our campus to see the incredible contributions that our Athletic Booster Club has made to Reagan throughout the years. Simply put, we could not have the level of athletics that your children deserve without the amazing support of our Athletic Boosters.

There are countless opportunities for you to donate your time and resources throughout the school year within the Booster Club. I hope that you will strongly consider joining Raider Nation and supporting our student athletes. For those of you who are new to Reagan, we want to welcome you to our family. You will quickly find out and truly cherish that it all happens here! I look forward to working with each of you.
Brad Royal

We are honored to have the local businesses as our sponsors. Please support them as they support us!

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